Active Bank Holiday Weekend

Aircoupe News

I went for a flight with Lawrence in the Alon Aircoupe he and a partner have purchased.
Aircoupes are popular it seems, G HARY was put on the market at 18,000 and sold very quickly.

The Aircoupe has earned a bit this week with a check out flight on Thursday, then two flights on Saturday, and two more on Monday. Everyone liked it.
One pilot decided it wasn't for him last month, probably because I spent too much time briefing the ground operations, and getting it out of the hangar. Certainly it's easier if the aeroplane is outside, get in and go... Better for the maintenance of the aeroplane if it's inside though, so I should be there more often to extricate the aeroplane and prepare it for other people's convenience.
Somehow I need to find a place to live that is closer to the airfield and so I did look at the caravan park at the airfield. Ideally I find an apartment somewhere near.

The Aircoupe (G ARHB) is available for sale for the right offer, unless there's a good uptake in rental use.

Popham Microlight Fair

Although not really Microlight Aeroplanes, these competing designs were on display.

The two day Microlight Fair was popular with 340 aircraft attending I was told.
It's fantastic to see how popular weight shift microlights are supporting a thriving industry producing these aircraft here.
There were a lot of Autogyros/Gyrocopters in attendance, somewhat worrying devices for many of us fixed wing types, but clearly they have a good following.
Most 'Microlights' are really just very light aeroplanes and they provide an economical way for people to get into the air and fly with equivalent or better performance, though with lower fuel consumption, to heavier light aircraft.

One particular tree is dead on the centreline and is perhaps a useful "displaced threshold" device
keeping the approaching aircraft well above the A303 road, but trees grow and approaches need
to be steeper. Runway 03 is also downslope and so side slipping practice is important.
During the Microlight Fair there were many go arounds as there were a lot of aircraft flying in and out.

Popham Classic Car meet and Vintage Aircraft Club Fly-In

A wander through the classic cars was not rewarded by finding a Vauxhall Viva HA

The weather began dull with low cloud on Monday morning, this will have put a few people off.
Even so, there were enough attendees to call the VAC Fly-In a success.

99 ice creams cost 2.50 each, it wasn't a warm day, but we can suffer an ice cream can't we?

Online I was asked by a friend in Vancouver whether such things are common in England? Yes they are.
Every weekend there are things to do in England with Fly-Ins to attend. Aviation here is a very active community during the summer months.

Many English are enthusiastic and passionate people as was evident in the number of classic cars and aeroplanes as well as the modern microlights that attended Popham this past weekend.
On the other hand, many aeroplanes are flown solo by their owners, and this is a shame as Pleasure Shared Is Pleasure Doubled.
As ever the concern is whether we can enthuse the younger generations.

For me it was a pleasure to introduce a few pilots to the Aircoupe this past week.


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