Flying in Thailand


Ying Lee

Ying Lee had a major hit with one of her songs a couple of years ago.
It's known to nearly all Thais around the World, even in Vancouver.
She remains a very popular singer here in Thailand.

Shops close, new shops open, and new shops close, and yet newer
shops open again.
This happens with restaurants too, and so year to year there are a lot
of changes on Thailand's 'High Streets'.

And so, a new branch of Dara Cosmetics replaced a bank at
89 Plaza, 500 metres from where I am sitting.
Ying Lee was the star attraction and so myself and Ed went to see
her mini concert.

Of course I know a lot of the dance moves to Ying Lee's most
popular songs, and even some of the words! I suppose I'm a bit of
a fan.
Even Khun Jeab who owns 89 Plaza danced with me, she used to fly
at Chiang Mai Flying Club; why the office was at 89 Plaza, and why I
have an apartment here.

Go Flying

Ed has operated Miss Dippy, a Tecnam P92JS since 2007

Gerry keeps the RV9 flying, looking smart with its tailwheel undercarriage

The Cessna 172G is still available for rental

It took me a while to get settled in here this time.
I didn't take the usual actions that enable me to get over any jet lag quickly, rather I accepted the early awakenings and got on with things I must do including updating this website the last time.
On Thursday 7th I took on Maongoen for some ground briefing and coaching in the Cessna 182RG.
This began with an explanation of the Constant Speed Propeller and how we do power changes.

I had not been to the airfield since just after my arrival and so while I'm at it, I washed the windscreen on the Cessna 172 and took it for a short flight.

Back up in the Thai sky, solo in the Cessna 172G

Off for four circuits before the CB arrives, 8th November

The next day we went through more of the aeroplane and pilotage technicalities.
The weather wasn't looking good, a CumuloNimbus cloud was menacing to the east and on its way over... We delayed a bit, considered cancelling the flight plan, but then, why not.
We took off and did four circuits and Maongoen was well pleased with the three smooth landings he achieved with a little coaching.

On the 10th we went for a second flight, this time five circuits, and then a departure to fly over the San Kamphaeng Hot Springs at 3,500 feet thanks to a clearance from Chiang Mai Approach.
There we did steep turns, stalls, and slow flight. I introduced trimmed - rudder only, flight which delighted Maongoen, and he asked me if he could do some more of this on our last flight.

Loy Krathong

Two nights ago I joined Khun Koi and his family for dinner
and then to float a Krathong in the Ping River.

This year there is a ban on flying fiery hot air lantern balloons
in the vicinity of the flight paths in and out of Chiang Mai Airport.
Surprisingly, the Thais are nearly all complying with this new

It's a fun time here with crowds of people enjoying the festival,
with fireworks, lantern balloons where they are allowed, and
tonight there will be a big parade in the city, as I have shown
year upon year on this website.

I may add some pictures later.

Lampang 11th November

Ed arrives back from Bangkok in the other aeroplane he flies

Circuits on 36 at Lampang

Lampang has a large runway, it is an airport with a couple of Nok Air flights and one with Bangkok Airways; Q400, and ATR72 aircraft.
I like to use this airport for takeoff and landing practice as it is a lot less intimidating than practicing on a shorter narrow runway, and so the pilot gains confidence easily. We can go more difficult later!
It's a short flight from Ban Thi, and we requested 8 circuits with Lampang Approach before we arrived.
The controllers at Lampang come from Chiang Mai, and we give them something to do when we arrive like this.
The first landing was smooth... Once again downwind a Q400 was inbound and so we did a 4 minute holding pattern to the right... Gave Maongoen a chance to practice rudder only flight again on the 'outbound leg'.
Landings improved as we carried on, but eight was enough.
An instructor looks for proficiency before a pilot solos, but also fatigue and hunger should be taken into account, and so we completed on number eight.
It was now 12:39, time for lunch.
The airport staff organised a ride for us to a local restaurant for this task.
Refreshed, we paid 8 landing fees, and prepaid for a further 6. (I believe each landing cost 85 Baht, 2.20/$3 CD).
I told Maongoen that if he showed me three good landings he could go for three on his own, if it took four, then two on his own, five then one on his own.
He did three good ones and so I sent off for three on his own, an essential boost to his confidence.

Maongoen departs runway 18 for three solo circuits

ATC asked us to climb to 6,000 feet on the way back, but I requested 3,000 feet initially then 4,500 feet. But ATC insisted, but at 6,000 feet we were amongst the cumulus clouds so when we changed to Chiang Mai Approach we were told to descend when we were ready... We were ready,
This brought out the essential arrival planning required for an aeroplane with a performance increase over the more familiar Cessna 172.
The approach was a little fast, but the landing was smooth back at Nok Airfield.

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