The CAA finally responded to my emails.
For the night rating I need to be assessed by a school here to determine how much training I need to do. The normal night rating course here is only five hours dual.
For the Instructor Rating I must do 30 hours ground school, and 15 hours dual flying to learn how to instruct here. It is a little insulting after many thousands of hours teaching pilots to fly, but that's EASA!
Such courses will cost around 5,000, and so I will go and do my job as a flying instructor to earn the money to train to be a flying instructor again.

Toon was a character, a long time flying instructor at Shoreham. I attended his celebration of life with many other grey haired people.


Tom invited me along for a flight to Alderney in the Cherokee 6 from White Waltham.

Three of our passengers

Alderney was a fortress fully occupied by the Germans during World War 2 and so has concrete bunkers and gun positions all over the island
It's a quaint place. We were taken on a drive around the island. I liked the "Parking limited to 48 hours, no return within one hour" signs.

Cherokee Six

Raf posted this picture of us... His first Tiger Moth flight, with me.
I've been doing this instructing business for a long time.

Dropped in to Popham and swung the propeller on the Auster for John and Jed to go flying.

A very nice Moth Major at Popham.


Went to Sleap to pick up Paul's Scottish Aviation Bulldog after its Permit renewal.
It was very hazy with European haze swept around by a high pressure system.


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