Return to the air in Chiang Mai

With no prospect of flying in the north of Thailand I booked a flight back to London nine days before my Thai visa was to expire (7th March). I need to get back to earning a living, and I need to work towards my pension in England.
At my age this is important even though I am somewhat late.
A Canadian pension would not allow me to survive very well; I'd end up sleeping rough on the streets like so many people do in Vancouver!

Now I am back to England to try and sort my pilot licence, and may be able to continue to teach people to fly in England.
Centralised government of aviation in Europe has meant that it is far more complicated to be allow to fly in England than it was prior to the creation of EASA.
Foreign licenced pilots are not allowed to fly European aircraft using their ICAO licences without a complicated validation and/or conversion process.
Prior to EASA the CAA in Britain allowed ICAO licence holders the privilege of flying 'G' registered aircraft.

If I am successful in gaining an European Instructor Rating there are many job offers I can consider, but if not I can perhaps go to Canada to practice my art from time to time.

9th February

Suddenly I was allowed to fly again and so I went with Khun Koi in the Cessna 172 for a flight around Chiang Dao and back.

Going out to the pub I like to take the Sorng Taew into town and leave the car at home.
Chiang Mai still feels like home to me

Another flying day with a flight to San Kamphaeng Hot Springs in the Cessna 172G
The farmers are busy burning, filling the sky with choking smoke

Gerry has converted the RV9A to tailwheel configuration (RV9), and so we took it for its first conventional flight
Flew well. Landing is a bit bouncy if you don't achieve the proper three point landing attitude.

17th February, a sunset flight with Khun Gun

Test flying the RV9 over Mae Kuang Reservoir (Yes, one fastener is undone)
The hope is for a significant increase in cruise speed without the unnecessary training wheel

20th February flying six circuits at Lampang Airport

A view of the river, Lampang

Stop to pay the 85 Baht landing fees (x6) at Lampang Airport

Convenient Post Bus to send packages to Australia and Pattaya

Washed the car before leaving it with Khun Koi

Airborne on Qatar Airways Boeing 787 to climb above the smoke
I chose Qatar Airways for it's departure from Chiang Mai that did not require me to carry baggage to Bangkok. The flight was less than half full
The one way fare was 17,360 Baht ($761.96 CAD), and I had trouble due to Qatar not recognising me as being the card holder!

I saw few aircraft at Doha Airport, and those were all Qatar Airways.
There are political feuds going on between some Middle East nations.
The lower sense of safety must affect passenger numbers through the region.

Final approach to Heathrow 09R. On time arrival. Airbus 350.

Paul picked me up from Heathrow. I slept a normal night and woke up before dawn.
The jet lag is not so bad travelling westwards

The Mazda started easily and took me to Popham and then to Blackbushe

Popham 27th February
John and Sue turned up in the Tiger Moth from White Waltham
It was a perfect weather day

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