Covidation vs Aviation

Here we are in another lockdown in England as Covid cases rise in number. There will be no chance of flying until the beginning of December, and then only if the lockdown's effect is satisfactory.
At least I managed one flight this month, to revalidate my PPLs by flying with an instructor.

The rules for arrival in Canada were fourteen days quarantine, the rules for England are likewise fourteen days, and so I have spent a month this year going nowhere. And then there was the lockdown in March that lasted a long time. What a year this has been.
Life in England is better for its social interaction, but this year socialising has been largely banned.
Meanwhile in Vancouver people have had it a lot easier, and life seems to have carried on almost as normal by comparison.
I still receive pictures showing the good weather and people enjoying their flights in BC... The weather here in England has been similar, but of course there are more restrictions now, a month after my return.

Lockdown for fourteen days following my return to England. At least Lily could visit from time to time.

Solitary days in quarantine, and now in lock down, are a test of a person's patience and ability to tolerate loneliness. It has a detrimental effect on one's health, and I worry somewhat about this.
I would normally have had two pilot medicals this year and these I rely on somewhat to detect any physical changes. I have worked hard throughout my life to preserve my health, and I do believe that the body can heal itself of many ills, I have complained little about anything, including my back... My back has given me pain from time to time, but I have walked through the pain, kept myself moving, and between occasional periods I am pain free. 'Just got to be careful how I lift things, and I should avoid sitting on a hard seat.
On the way out to Winnipeg it was very painful sitting on a hard seat in the Chipmunk until I spent some money on a blow up seat cushion in Regina.

A few days after my return I swabbed out the car and gave it a run.
The proper run had to wait until my quarantine period had ended.

The weather has been superb for flying but on this day there was nothing available to fly.

There's a lot to see on a walk into Guildford.

Even on a poor weather day one could go to an airfield for a chat; this time Popham for lunch, and then to Blackbushe for a hot chocolate.
Both places have good company present in their cafés. I have not so far been to Redhill, this will have to wait until the current lockdown is finished.

Up for a check flight with an instructor... I passed.

4th October: Blackbushe was very busy and so it took thirty minutes to get airborne with Ryan who recently completed his instructor rating.
We flew off to the northwest to the vicinity north of Siege Cross Farm where my Condor was once stored.
There I demonstrated a perfect steep turn for which I was paid a compliment, so I asked Ryan to show me how he teaches it... Then I told him what I did for a job until last month.
I shared with him how I used to teach several exercises, and then demonstrated a Practice Forced Landing in the way I used to teach it.
We had fun, and it was a positive experience.
To maintain a Private Pilot Licence in the EASA empire you have to have done 12 hours flying within the last 12 months, I exceeded this comfortably! And you have to have an hour with a Flying Instructor to ensure your abilities are up to spec.
I am back to being able to fly legally (I think) in European - British Airspace. I am pretty sure, but with the advent of EASA with its complicated licensing and rules I am sure that nearly everyone here breaks a regulation or two every time they fly!

Van driving for the Post Office, delivering parcels; a job until Christmas.

25 to 30 years ago I would get a part time - short term job in the winter to survive. Aviation has never paid me much of a living, and this means I am going to be financially poor until I die, which means I need to work until I drop.
Since I have not done this sort of work for twenty five years I am feeling the physical strain, but perhaps this will get better over time. I am aware that my body is not the same as it was 25 years ago!
Of course, I'd rather be in Chiang Mai where the cost of living was affordable to 'poor me' for a few months over the northern winter and I did not need to work.
Thanks to the virus, who knows when and if we will be able to travel to warm climes in the future.

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