Just kidding

So far I have not made the mistake of writing 2017 instead of 2018 anywhere. As for 2560 and 2561 I have had to think before I write.
2561 is the Buddhist Year and is often used here in Thailand. It predates Christ's Death by 543 years.
In February the Chinese will celebrate the Year of the Dog's arrival, let's hope our fortunes are better in this new year. The year of the Rooster has not been that kind to many of us.

In the picture above they use two tugs to guide large barges down the river. The rear tug ensures the stern of the last barge tracks around the curves in the river without hitting anything.

My objective last weekend

I suffered bad cold number four until last week, but it did not stop me from taking the train to Ayutthaya and renting a bicycle to achieve the objective of cycling out to the monument to King Naresuan.

Wonky Chedi

Nearby the statue of King Naresuan is this Chedi in which the central body has a lean (like Pisa). But as we all know, Buddhism is self correcting and so the top of the chedi has moved back to the vertical.


Yesterday was Children's Day here in Thailand. It's a day when children are celebrated, they will be the future, and there are many interesting activities for them all over Thailand.
The military put on a show of their aircraft, ships, and tanks in the hope of inspiring future recruits. They do a good job.

I took a couple of snapshots from my apartment

I decided not to go out to the airshow... It is for the children after all, and I have to be very very careful budgeting my finances right now.
It was enough that I went to the Tops Market to buy tea, and some cheese, and that cost me more than I have budgeted for the next week!
Living in Thailand is relatively cheap, but then again I'm on a relative salary as well!

Khun Thossapon delivers his speech at the opening ceremony for the flight academy

Today, Sunday, I went to the opening ceremony for the flight school.
I am responsible for creating the Safety Management System for the school.

The prime instructors were interviewed

Instructors with the first batch of students

There's not much that is new in my life... I go to work every day, do a little for the safety system though there's not much for me to do, and I write lessons in Human Factors using Powerpoint.
In the evenings I work on translating Le Petit Prince written in Thai. It's slow progress, but it is an effort on my part to learn the language. It improves my reading, and slowly improves my vocabulary.
The opposing sense is that I no longer plan to stay in Thailand.
I believe that I will let my Canadian instructor ratings lapse in April, and then perhaps renew them when I make some money. Here in Thailand I miss flying.

Changing one's life from the comfortable known to an unknown in the hope of making a comfortable old age is not easy.
Yes I could have carried on in Canada as the costs rise and the disposable income decreases with a $95 a month pension at the end of it and delayed the disaster a few more years, or I could do something different, and hope to be a little better off than I know would be my fate in Canada.
It's a case of 'maybe I'll regret it' vs 'I know I will regret it', between a rock and a hard place.
I carry on.

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