Journeys begin June


In the afternoon of Friday 2nd June I took Thai Lion Air back to Chiang Mai.
I try to cater for everyone in this life, and so I intended to be in Chiang Mai both weekends either end of a trip to Hong Kong to attend an IATA Safety Management System course.

Heading to Chiang Mai on Friday afternoon

This is a season of dramatic skies, heavy showers followed shortly by bright sunshine to reflect off the flooded rice paddies.

At last I have a Thai validation to allow me to fly aeroplanes of Nok Flying Club, and there's only one. It's a Cessna 172G with a Continental six cylinder 145hp engine.
So on Saturday I flew with Khun Koi for an hour and three minutes in the air. We ran the engine at 2,500 RPM as it is newly overhauled and needs to be run in.

Wat Phra Doi Saket

I was good flying around the local area, then up to three thousand feet over Alpine Golf Course for a few turns.

The mountain that shadows Alpine Golf Course in the northeast

Cathay Dragon Airbus 320 heading east

I arrived at Hong Kong, cleared immigration, then customs, exchanged the Ringits I still had from Malaysia, and caught the Airport Express to Tsing Ye on the familiar route to the Rosedale Hotel which would be my home for six nights.
In the morning I had breakfast, caught the MTR from Olympic to Tung Chung, and the S1 bus from there to CNAC House where the IATA SMS course was to be held at Jardine.
This journey was a lot cheaper than using the Airport Express train so at the end of my course I took this way to the airport for my return flight to Chiang Mai.
I made good use of the Octopus Card on this trip, I wander around this area like I'm a resident...

High view in Kowloon

Monday evening I met up with Yan Lau who was my student to solo at Pacific Rim, Pitt Meadows, learning to fly in the Diamond DA20-C1.
Kowloon MTR station is the next one on from Olympic, and above it is the ICC building with the Sky 100 Hong Kong bar and observation deck. We went for a drink and to catch up.

Group SMS projects

It was a good course, I learned a few things.
The Malay course facilitator had learned to fly at AST, Perth, Scotland and had acquired a British sense of humour, we got on well.
The other students were, a Thai, a Saudi, three Nepalese, two from Hong Kong, and one from the Philippines.

Light bus drivers are quick to each traffic light, it's like a drag race... They also jockey for position in the traffic.

Tuesday night I ate outside at the bar at the top of the Rosedale Hotel. There is chest high glass from the floor, 23 floors up, it's a dizzying view. It's fascinating that can fly aeroplanes all over the place, roll inverted, do all these things, but standing above a sheer drop with but a piece of glass between me and oblivion is nerve racking.

Wednesday night I went for a bus ride to visit the China Ferry Terminal... There's some confusion over the need for a visa to enter China itself. Apparetly you can get a temporary visa on arrival if you fly in, or take the boat. Later I learned that you can not do this if you take the train.
I walked a lot that evening, took the Star Ferry, walked to the Central station, and caught the MTR back to Olympic.

Hong Kong colour palette

Wandering around Hong Kong7th June

Thursday evening I took a taxi to the Hong Kong Aviation Club at the old Kai Tak Airport to meet Hank Cheng who ran a project to build an RV8 which he then flew around the World.
Unfortunately it seems this aeroplane is destined to rest in a museum as it's difficult to fly in Hong Kong.

Hank flew with me in the Citabria and then flew the RV8 around the World

The course was completed by lunch time on Friday so I went out to explore the possibility of visiting Guangzhou (Canton) by train... Since you can not get a visa on arrival travelling by train I went for a wander instead. Stopped at a Yoshinoya for noodle soup and chicken as I was hungry by 15:00.

I like the Star Ferries

Saturday was easy, I went shopping in the morning, and then took the MTR and the S1 bus to the airport.

Aeroflot advertising at Hong Kong Airport

While waiting I took a lot of pictures of arriving aircraft

My flight ended up being more than forty minutes late as we waited for a later group of passengers from Beijing.

Major construction works around Hong Kong

Flying with Kittikoon

I took Monday off from work to enable me to fly with Kittikoon in the Cessna 172.
Kittikoon has an FAA PPL but because he is Thai he will have to do a flight test togain a full Thai Licence.

Why they want an Airbus on the farm is anyone's guess. Advanced chicken coop perhaps?

Khun Koi up for a flight

On Sunday I did three flights, the second two were with Koi and with Pat... Chiang Mai has not had an aeroplane available for many to fly for a long time.

Soaked rice paddies

With no Sun I can get a technical shot of Doi Saket

The intent Monday morning was to fly to Phrae, and then Lampang for lunch. Kittikoon would have liked to go west to Mae Sariang but the satellite image showed very bad weather.
This weather caught up with us just after takeoff, and the mountains were covered in 3,500 foot broken clouds rendering them impassable. So we changed our plan to a local flight.

Water level is low so perhaps we'll escape the flood this year

Interesting project, it might be a bicycle route, the bridge deck is narrow

Construction northeast side of Mae Kuang Reservoir

Chiang Mai Airport
The glideslope is off, localiser only with a higher MDA, and the threshold displaced while work is in progress at the beginning of the runway


Views of Chiang Mai after the go around

Servicing Kan Air's Caravan
Kan Air is not operating at the moment

Right Base for Lampang, runway 18

Monday afternoon the weather cleared dramatically and so we flew to Lampang to do three circuits, stopped to pay the landing fees, and visited the new control tower.

Tuesday morning I caught the Thai Lion Air flight back to Don Mueang and back to work.

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