11th December 2011

I woke up at 05:30 to the howling wind, had a pee, and checked on the aeroplane tied down outside.
All was well, but I could not sleep after that.

I got up after an hour or more's snooze and went for a walk.

I walked around the resort and to the end of the runway, then I walked back to the other end and I could see a Wat in the countryside and so I walked there through the back lanes.
I returned to the airfield by another entrance to see that there was another airstrip parallel to the one we landed on but this was laterite and gravel.
Alex was up now and called me on the phone from Khun Uthai's hangar, about 50 yards from where I was standing.
Khun Uthai has an aircraft factory at Tantawan where he builds aircraft for people. He's built a lot of Zenair 701s, there was a new Zenair 750 in there, several Jabirus, a couple of Sonex's, and a scale de Havilland 2 WW1 pusher biplane fighter - microlight aeroplane.
My camera battery was charging so I was not able to take any pictures in the factory.

In another hangar was this Cessna 152 I used to teach in.

We stayed a little while longer after Alasdair and Gill had left and then we took off at 14:19 enroute to Pattaya Eastern. We climbed to 2,000 feet.
Once again we could not get Bangkok on the radio on 121.7 so I tried 119.4 and we were cleared through the zone via the approved route and told to descend to 1,000 feet.


At Bang Pa Kong, Bangkok Approach asked us to call over Bang Phra...
I asked to climb to 2,000 feet to pass over Bang Phra and was cleared to do so, and then I asked to leave the frequency for a few minutes to advise Bang Phra of our passing... "Hotel Oscar Xray Standby".
After a pause he told us to contact Bang Phra directly, 122.3, the frequency we then used over Sri Racha and into Eastern.
We landed at 15:43.

I stayed overnight with Alasdair and Gill in Jomtien.
In the evening we went out to Caddy Shack restaurant in Pattaya where I had liver and onions bathed in gravy with peas and mashed potatoes.
Too big, because otherwise I'd have had their apple crumble drowned in custard as well.
One has to have good English food from time to time.

On Monday I took the 12:00 o'clock bus from Jomtien (124 Baht) to the airport to catch my 15:30 flight to Chiang Mai.
'Met up with Khun Boonying there, ex Chiang Mai Flying Club mechanic who now looks after two Navajos bought from Winnipeg!

Alasdair and Gill arrived from Mae Sot for lunch and a fuel stop enroute back to Eastern. while the other aeroplanes had gone directly back to Bang Phra from Mae Sot.



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