A good attempt at a Fly-In

Sunday morning I took off solo from Langley to go and meet up with the gang at Boundary Bay

We flew in formation from Boundary Bay, along the Fraser River to the Patullo Bridge, then to the north shore to fly west with Vancouver on the left.
Point Atkinson along the coast to Half Moon Bay, across to Qualicum and through the gap to Port Alberni.

The Fly-In was a brief affair with the participants leaving as we arrived; they were off to Tofino and other places.
Social interaction was short, other places to be, little shade, little to see or say in the heat of the day.
We decided to go to Courtenay our individual ways to have ice cream there, with Warwick, the Fly-In organiser going first, then us in the hope he'd be buying!

The Chipmunk rose along the ridge, strong lift, Port Alberni placed for the gliding operation there, and though not a glider (often) the Chipmunk still rose easily to 4,000 feet to spill over the ridge and down to Courtenay on the far side.

Surprised to see the aeroplane in which I first took control to fly circuits over the snow at what is now known as Les Cèdres.
Now based in the Maritimes, and so a long way from home.

I test flew Matthew's RV9A a few years ago, and this lead to testing the RV9A in Thailand a little later.

More photos as we flew back to Boundary Bay along the Sunshine Coast from Courtenay, passing Powell River down to Gibsons

Looks 'photoshopped', but it isn't

We flew overhead Vancouver Airport and then a straight in to 13 at Boundary Bay. I stayed echelon right through the whole approach but went around and continued on to Langley.

Back to work for me... It's real hardship sometimes.
Marilyne took me to Chilliwack to do some "Power-off 180º Accuracy Approach and Landings" as will be tested on her CPL flight test.
This is where the throttle is closed downwind with the candidate landing on a "specified touchdown point" on the runway; +400/-50 feet.
Several of these were spot on.

We had lunch and then did four more of these accuracy approach and landings before returning to Boundary Bay.

The opportunity was taken to do some instrument flying practice on the way back. For this I routed her over Hatzic Lake to Stave Lake, and down Alouette Lake to remain clear of the Glen Valley hornet's nest practice area. She was on instruments until short final for Boundary Bay whereupon I took over to do the landing.

In the evening I flew with Emidio in the Warrior.

Tuesday night I did a mutual night flight with Rory in the Tomahawk to maintain both of our night ratings.
We flew to Abbotsford for a few circuits there, then a touch and go at Pitt Meadows before completing a few landings at Boundary Bay, stopping the engine at 23:05.
It was a late end to the day before departing eastbound in the Chipmunk the next day.

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